Cardiovascular Disease Model Satellite 2022, 20th International SHR Symposium & 58th Japanese SHR Meeting

Welcome letter

Dear Colleagues and Friends

Cardiovascular disease model research has seen remarkable advances in the last decade. The technology is staggering, the magnitude of human studies is extraordinary, the sophistication of animal models is outstanding, and the revelations regarding the insights into the genomics and other omics are absolutely fascinating. Yet the future prospects are even more exciting. These will be core elements of the Cardiovascular Disease Model Satellite 2022, with the main theme
“Innovative science of hypertension-related disease model towards precision medicine and prevention” to envision the future, building on today’s achievements.

Cardiovascular Disease Model Satellite 2022 is an official investigator-led satellite to the
International Society of Hypertension Meeting in October 2022 and we are delighted that it will also incorporate the 20th International SHR Symposium and the 58th Japanese SHR Meeting. We should like you to be part of this stimulating meeting. The quality of our Committees and International Advisory Board will ensure that the research presented is at the forefront of the field. This will include the latest in genomics and other omics discovery, control and integration of gene expression, biomarkers, systems biology, pharmacogenomics, epigenetics and functional validation. The Satellite will span 1.5 days and will be held on Sunday 16 and Monday 17 October 2022. Although the Satellite was scheduled to be held in a hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual), I announce with great regret that we have decided to hold the meeting in a semi-hybrid format. That is, except for the speakers who can come to deliver their presentation at the venue located within the Kyoto University, the other speakers and the audience will participate in the meeting online. As an Investigator-Led Satellite, we are keeping costs to minimum and you will find details regarding Abstract Submission, Registration and related matters on this website.

We look forward to your participation in a memorable meeting and contribution to future of Cardiovascular Disease Model Research.

Cardiovascular Disease Model Satellite 2022

Chair: Norihiro Kato

Honorary-Chair: Yukio Yamori