Cardiovascular Genetics Satellite 2012, 15th International SHR Symposium & 48th Japanese SHR Meeting



 Below is a tentative 1.5-days program of the 58th Japanese SHR Meeting/The 20th International SHR Symposium.

A draft program (as of October 18, 2022) is shown below. Please see synopses of leading presentations in the 20th International SHR Symposium.


The 58th Japanese SHR Meeting

 Sun. Oct. 16, 9:00-14:10
Theme: Innovative science of hypertension-related disease model towards precision medicine and prevention
  Oral and poster sessions (in Japanese)
  Topics: Genome, pathophysiology, development of new models, organ complications, etc.
  State-of-the-art lecture
   Josef Zicha Salt hypertension in Dahl rats: the causal interactions of sympathetic nervous, renin-angiotensin and nitric oxide systems
  Okamoto Award Lecture   

The 20th International SHR Symposium

Day 1_Sun. Oct. 16, 14:20-1930
Session 1:System-oriented study on hypertension and cardiovascular complications
   Symposium 1: Hypertension model research in the past, present and future
   Yukio Yamori SHRSP research for cardiovascular disease prevention
   Giuseppe Bianchi MHS as a tool to disentangle the genetic complexity of human primary hypertension and contribute to the precision medicine
   Yoram Yagil The Sabra hypertensive strain model
   Toru Nabika Mapping genetic determinants of hypertension and stroke in the SHRSP model (SHR Development Memorial Okamoto Award)
   Symposium 2: Mechanistic understanding of hypertension
   Norihiro Kato Genome scan and human homology of hypertension loci
   Stephen Harrap How does brief early renin-angiotensin system blockade prevent SHR hypertension – finally an answer?
   Michal Pravenec Sodium accumulation and blood capillary rarefaction in the skin predispose SHR to salt sensitive hypertension
   Anna Dominiczak Precision medicine
   Tim Aitman My personal journey with the SHR
   Christian Delles Uromodulin: New mechanistic insights into an old player in hypertension and kidney disease
 Poster session
Day 2_Mon. Oct. 17, 9:00-13:00
Session 2:Precision medicine and prevention of hypertension-related disease
   Symposium 3: Recent progress in the pathophysiology of hypertension
   Fadi Charchar Non-coding genome in hypertension research
   Yoshitaka Hirooka Sympathetic nervous system in hypertension
   Anne Kwitek Rat genome resources and the Rat Genome Database
   Peter Doris Reference quality de novo assembly of SHR and WKY genomes using HiFi long reads and long range scaffolding
   Hiroki Ohara Genome editing in SHRSP and SHR to reveal molecular mechanisms of hypertension and its complications
   Dominique Gauguier Architecture and metabolic function of the rat gut microbiome
   Symposium 4: Bridging the gap between bench and bedside
   Patricia B Munroe GWAS of hypertension: Deciphering effector genes and opportunities for clinical translation
   Jens Titze Multi-organ regulation of body fluid and BP homeostasis
   Noboru Fukuda Transcriptional regulation of TWIST1-C3 system for the cardiovascular and renal remodelings in hypertension
   Akira Nishiyama Future research in onco-hypertension
   Theodore Kurtz Mechanism-based strategies for preventing salt-induced hypertension in humans: lessons learned from animal models

 ※The order of presentation has not been finalized yet